Why do couples choose a micro wedding?

Live Far Away


Some couples live far away from family
and know their friends won't make the
trip for the wedding. They opt to travel
"back home" for a small wedding
with family, then have a casual
reception where they live, with their friends.

Prefer to Travel

shark wedding rings, micro wedding pa

This couple was all about the sharks, even

their wedding rings had sharks on them. 

In fact, he had logged over 100 deep water dives with sharks in Australia. And for their honeymoon, he planned to take her to Australia for her first shark dive.

Big Plans

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Perhaps you are buying a new house,

or have other big plans, are moving to

start a new job, or just want to save

your money for something else.

Mature Couples

microwedding pa, wedding officiant pa

Many mature couples opt for a micro wedding 

because they've done the big wedding 

thing before. 

This time, they want something less formal and intimate with their closest family.

But of course!

Shark wedding cake topper, micro wedding pa

And of course, the shark couple above

had a shark cake topper!

With a wedding at a private home,

they focused their money 

on the ceremony and the food.



 Perhaps you are expecting a little one,

and just don't want to spend the money

on a large wedding, yet you want more 

than a tacky courthouse elopement. 

When intimate and meaningful is what you want