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What exactly is a micro wedding?

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A micro (or small) wedding is totally a wedding, but more intimate. It is for couples who want less

because in this case, 

less is more!

A micro wedding is small and intimate

and elegant. 

Couples invite only their closest family

and friends with a maximum of 40 guests.

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A micro wedding is smaller than

a traditional wedding, but bigger 

than an elopement.  

The ceremony and reception are held

at a private home or favorite venue. 

Some couples have the ceremony 

at a special location and a 

dinner in their favorite restaurant.  

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Couples usually send out invitations,

but avoid the other trappings of a

large wedding, such as a rehearsal

dancing, and other reception traditions, 

and opt instead for soft background

music which sets the scene

for everyone to actually TALK 

with each other. 

With a micro wedding, you can spend

time with the people who really matter

and they can spend time with you.

YOU and the commitment you are making are what's important

You decide what you want on your day, without all the expectations that can be put upon couples who choose a larger wedding, you "must" do this, or you "should" include that.  Not only will a micro wedding fit the two of you, but it will fit your budget too.  You can have a dress and tux, a fancy cake (but it won't be 7 tiers for sure), you can both have honor attendants and even a flower girl and ring bearer, it's up to you. I can help you find the best musicians, photographers, florists, and whatever else you might need.   

OH, and you can enjoy your meal!

Many couples at large weddings tell afterward, that they were so busy they didn't talk to most of the people

there, and they didn't even taste their dinner.  With a micro-wedding, that is never the case.

You'll enjoy EVERY aspect of your wedding day to its fullest!

 The important thing is that your wedding truly reflects you in every way; the guest list, the food, the flowers, 

the setting,  the....vibe. That's your goal and it's ours too. 

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